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Not Quite Dead

August 2, 2010

Although, sometimes I wonder.

Three months since my last blog post.  The puppy is closing in on 50 lbs at 4 months old.  The vet says he’s underweight.  He’s grown more up than out, that’s for sure.  He’s nearly as tall as our doberman mix.

Anyhow, WoW goes on.

When it really isn’t you or me, but US.

I really thought Garnam and Talfrund would hop into heroics at the same time.  I’m naive and optimistic, what can I say?  We queued-up, me knowing that our gear was sub-par and thinking the LFD tool would recognize this and drop us into H-Nexus or H-UK. Apparently having one piece of ilevel 184 gear between the two of you is good enough for a lot more than that.

Do you know what you get when you mix an undergeared tank and an undergeared healer into a mid-range heroic?  You get SPLAT, and lots of it.  It really doesn’t matter how good DPS is if both the tank and the healer aren’t ready for it.

The long and short of it is that it put a big dent in Garnam’s confidence as a tank.  Hell, it made me think twice as a healer.  I love dungeon-running too much to stop, though.  With a heavy heart, I queued-up solo for a heroic run.  I forget what I drew first, but it was one I knew from running my hunter through.  I’m sure it was hair-raisingly stressful, whatever it was.

I recall an early run of H-IForgetWhichOne…  where I wanted to whack a replacement DPS over the head with one of Talf’s branches.  He zoned in, said, “WTF?  Heals has only 13K MP?”  then he /left.  Then another run a few nights later (this time, regular Occulus) with a level 79 warrior, Prot spec, queued as DPS, in PvP gear who proceeded to whine his entire way through the dungeon about being bored and not getting enough XP.  He is the only person on my ignore list.

My favorite, though, was the DK tank (I’ve met plenty of good ones, this is now the exception to the rule for me) who kept taking one-hits for 67% of his hit points from trash mobs and blaming me when he died.  I didn’t inspect him, but if I had to guess, he was missing some defense points.  This was H-OK over by the platforms right before the vampire.  He gets mad at me after his second death to being two-hit by trash, so he runs over to the other platform while I’m still searching kills and aggros everything and drags it back down the web.  Now, I’m still up on the previous platform, but the DPS ran after him.  He /ragequit and one of the DPS said, “Talf, stay up there and res us when we die.”  That happened about two seconds later.  I apologized to them for my failings as a healer, whatever they were, and had to grin at their response: It’s not your fault, that tank sucked.  We drew a paladin tank and we blew through the rest of the content without any more problems.

I was very relieved to hear Garnam ask me, this weekend, “What do I need to do to be able to run heroics?”  He’s at about 545 defense – over the cap but not criminally so.  Unlike the DK above, spike damage is almost non-existent for him.  Resto druids like this a lot – our HoTs are predictable and work best with predictable damage.  He had 22K HP unbuffed, so we pumped up his stamina with enchants and gems.  Now, with average 5-man buffs he gets 28-30K HP.  He’s found the T9 vendor at the Argent Tournament (and he was about half-way through the Crusader requirements).  As of right now, Talf is in 4 pieces of T9 (rejuv crits – YUM!) and Garnam is working on his first piece.

And they’re back in the dungeon running business together.  😀  Where Garnam is lacking in his ability to take damage, Talfrund can compensate with the ability to heal through just about anything.

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