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Back in the Game

May 19, 2010

Mini-breaks are a good thing.  After all, WoW is only a game.  An awesome game, but still trumped by realities like final exams, road trips, and losses and additions in our lives.  That said, we have found time to play this past week after a one-week hiatus.  Unfortunately we were in my least-favorite Northrend zone, to be followed by my least-favorite Northrend instance.


Because, you know, we didn’t have enough Troll stuff in WoW. Seriously, though, I don’t mind that it’s Trolls.  I just hate the color scheme of this zone.  It’s a matter of personal taste, I know.  A game where every zone looked like Teldrassil or Eversong Woods would be colorfully dull.  Sholazar Basin will be a nice change of scenery (and has been since we finished with Zul’Drak tonight).


It’s not the dungeon itself that I mind.  It just brings up bad memories of sitting at the summoning stone on my hunter and… trolling…  General and LFG with gibberish like, “LFM HGundrak, need tank and heals then G2G.”  After thirty minutes of this, two people would either take pity on me, or get so tired of reading it that they volunteer just to shut me up.  Invariably, one is a fury warrior or somesuch, who offers to tank.  The other is usually a balance druid, or somesuch, who offers to heal.  Can you foresee how well it went?  Yeah, it didn’t even go that well.  We usually wiped on the first boss for fifteen minutes while the tank and a DPS argued about the best strategy to handle ole snakey-face and finally someone gets mad and /leaves.

Hopefully HairyTank (who has taken to calling himself, “Mighty Dwarf”) and Talfrund (dubbed, “Super Druid”) being an actual tank/healer combo will make the instance tolerable.

Sholazar is 1/3 complete, then we’re on to Storm Peaks and yummy Dwarf lore for HairyTank to revel in.

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