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My Favorite: Quest Chain

April 30, 2010

So many to choose from.  Some make you sad.  Some make you laugh.  Some keep you riveted to your seat hours after you should have been in bed (because you’ve got to go to work in the morning to support your WoW habit).  Some are so much fun you just hate to finish them.  I’m going to have to rule some out before I can think about a favorite…

  • Desolace.  The fact that I have to tolerate Desolace, or the Badlands, or the Eastern Plaguelands, Blade’s Edge, Zul’Drak or Hellfire Peninsula makes me not want to do the quests there.
  • Any quests for a specific drop with a drop rate of less than 10%
  • Anything Horde-specific because I haven’t played Horde much.

That leaves:

Raene’s Cleansing.  Now that you can keep the rod…  Who doesn’t love being a thongbear?

Legend of Stalvan quest chain.  Yes, you get dragged over half of the Eastern Kingdoms, but seriously…  Read his journals.  He’s just so… creepy.

One word: Booterang.  The only daily I want to go back and keep doing past 999/1000 Exalted.

Crusader Bridenbrad and his quest chain.  Talfrund hasn’t done it yet, but I cried as my hunter turned in the final quest.

All of them are dear to me, but the one I love most is Sully Balloo’s Letter.  You have to look for it to even find it because it doesn’t put an exclamation point on the map, even at-level.  It’s a tragic story with a real-life inspiration.  The letter is almost verbatim identical to the original.  The final quest reward is a ring.  I come across mine every time I go to the bank.  It’s right next to my thongbear wand.

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