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Weekly PuG

April 19, 2010

HairyTank and I PuG at least once a week.  Sometimes as often as four times, usually on Saturdays and Sundays because we’re with the 8-5 M-F crowd.  This weekend we had a lot of family stuff going on, so we only wanted to squeeze Nexus in.  We figured one run, maybe 45 minutes, we’re golden, right?

The LFD Gods have an interesting sense of humor.

Since HairyTank is, well, a tank, we were queued for all of about 0.3 seconds before the, “You’ve got dungeon!” message popped.  It wasn’t until after I hit, “accept,” that I noticed the, “3/4 bosses killed.”  I have yet to zone into a dungeon-in-progress that is missing both tank and healer where it went smoothly.  They’re on Keri-freakin-strasza and they lost their tank and healer? This is what’s going through my head and I’m not even off the loading screen yet.

Excuse me.  The mother in me is tapping on the inside of my skull.  She wants me to give you this message: warning, the remainder of this post contains language not suitable for… anyone, really.

We zone into the instance to get this from a Death Knight on <server name omitted to protect the potentially innocent>: Fuck you!

He is apparently not playing around, goofing-off, or in any other form, making some kind of joke.  The other two DPS respond in kind and to the effect that they don’t owe an f-ing thing to anyone who tells them to, “fuck off,” and why did he need on <some item, never heard what it was but Ormorok must have dropped it> with +INT?  (I’d kinda wonder about that one myself, but I’m not inclined to start drama over loot).

HairyTank and I look at each other.  “We can drop if you want to, but they’re down to the last boss and she’s easy,” I say.

“Let’s go ahead and finish the dungeon for them and we’ll queue-up again when we’re done,” he responds.

Keri goes down without much fuss.  DK drops group.  Then someone hits the Recount report.  HairyTank did twice as much DPS as the DK, per Recount.

Oh well, we all survived, the boss died, and that’s really the point, isn’t it?

Next group went very smoothly except for the Paladin who spent a lot of time taking a vacation behind me while the rest of the group took down the trash.  At least he woke up for the bosses.

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