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The WoW You May Never See

April 16, 2010

Easter is over, but there are still Easter Eggs to be found.

Sometimes, particularly after a long or rough session of questing, HairyTank and I will get our characters good and smashed before we log out.  They’ve earned it.   That’s probably what we would do if it were us.

We expect to see Wolpertingers.  This experience in Allerian Stronghold, however, caught our funnybones off-guard:

A pair of pink blurs in vaguely elephantine shapes

Hello, what's this?

It took us a few seconds to realize that we weren’t experiencing video glitches.

They're pink eleks on parade! Dumbo would be proud.

We’re both old enough to have seen Dumbo in the theater (not on its original release, however).  No doubt the censors today would have a thing or two to say about an underage character getting drunk, but back then it was hilarious.  The only place they can be seen year-round is Allerian Stronghold, and then only if you’re drunk.  There is a quest chain that ends with a giant keg being brought out to the middle of the stronghold, so if you’re Alliance, drink hearty and enjoy your own parade of pink eleks!

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  1. April 17, 2010 2:51 pm

    I love the pink elekks. I was given a tip on this a while ago and immediately went to Allerian Stronghold and chugged down some brew. Awesome.

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