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Over the (Blade’s) Edge

April 14, 2010

This was going to be a long (and admittedly somewhat whiny) post about how anything worth doing isn’t easy.  As a Mom/full-time employee/back-to-college-in-my-thirties student, I know many different versions of this story.  Parenting, career and school: all worth doing, all require sacrifice, none of them are easy.  Occasionally some things fall into place, like [Going Down?].  All you gotta do is survive the ride.  Some are a little tougher, require dedication, and the rewards are sweet.

Talbuks.  Garnam got his first good look at one the other day while wandering ’round Dalaran.  He has now calculated how many ogres have to die (with a small margin of error for bead drop rate quirks) for him to get his talbuk.  To be fair, the talbuk is my favorite ground mount.  I like them enough that my hunter spent a week at level 80 murderizing ogres in Nagrand so that she could have her choice of antelope-pronged steeds.

Two weeks ago he got his first taste of dragon-back flying.  This is the same Dwarf who spent an hour zooming around Hellfire Peninsula when he got regular flight (his first toon to ever have flight).  We now have a plan to incorporate the Netherwing dailies into our Nagrand ogre-murdering spree.  We also have about 5 days’ worth of netherwing crystal turn-ins.  Seriously, if Blizz ever revisits Outland (which will start looking as dated as Vanilla does now by the time Cataclysm is released) they should make the crystals repeatable like the signets/librams/marks of Sargeras/war beads/netherwing eggs.

But our first, highest goal, is [The Loremaster].  Ideally, we’d like to get it before Cataclysm comes out in case Blizzard decides to make it a Feat of Strength or in some other way alter the achievement.  Again.  I had a post all handwritten on a legal pad about the pains of bidding adieu to Northrend in order to finish [Loremaster of Outland].  We were zig-zagging across Draenor: Blade’s Edge for the Ogri’la dailies in the desperate hope that each new level of reputation would open enough quests to finish [On the Blade’s Edge], Nagrand for the Kurenai rep and Netherwing daily, and Shadowmoon Valley for more Netherwing dailies.  That was yesterday afternoon.

On a fluke, I opted to download EveryQuest and Loremaster last night, just to see if maybe, just maybe we missed something.  Lo and behold…  In our rush to finish the quests at Grishnath, we completely missed the [Orb of the Grishna].

This was yesterday evening:

Loremaster of Outland

It's about time!

So, now, I guess we just have to hangout on the western side of Draenor for a bit.  😀

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