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Shared Topic: Starting Over

March 28, 2010

Pieces, on Blog Azeroth posed the following question: if you could start over, either at level 1, or level 80, what race/class/faction would you choose, and why?

Tauren druid.

Why?  Tauren because I don’t have many horde characters, and I’d like to see their endgame and various storylines.  Druid because druids are made of pure awesome (and if you put one through a meat grinder, you get Awesomesauce!).  Really, though, I love the flexibility.

I would do everything with that druid – raid, PvP, RP, achievement-chasing…  Wait a minute…  I’m doing that now (minus the PvP part, but we’ll get to that when we’ve got time) with Talfrund!  If only Garnam had wanted to roll an Orc.

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