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PuGging: a few lessons

March 28, 2010

Fortunately, when one of us is frustrated with a PuG, the other one is usually mellow.  Chalk it up to another advantage of running with a partner.  This time it was my turn to be frustrated and Garnam’s turn to be mellow yellow (I used to loooove that drink).

1. Practice what you preach

I love it when DPS understands what LoS is.  I hate it when DPS preaches LoS, yells at everyone that the pulls need to be LoS, then doesn’t wait for the caster mob to come around the corner before attacking it.

2. A real tank should be allowed to tank

A real tank has more than just a lot of HP.  A real tank has mitigation.  Why do I, as a healer, love mitigation?  It’s not just because it saves my mana pool.  Less healing to the tank equates to less healing threat, which means less of a chance that my heals are going to pull aggro.

Less mitigation equals more incoming damage, more healing, more threat and a higher chance that I’m going to get hit soon.

3. Don’t MD-pull for the tank without asking first.

Ever meet someone who’s not happy unless they’re pissed-off?  That’s a Warrior.  The more pissed-off they are (rage), the happier they are and the better they can do their job.  Prot Warriors like to charge things.  If Garnam could bounce around indefinitely like a little Dwarven pinball he would be so happy, because charging things makes him mad.  Pulling by mis-directing a shot onto the tank (while a good idea after the pull) robs the Prot Warrior of this opportunity.  Not that Garnam spends much time rage-starved, but: a. why not wait an extra second for the extra rage? and b. it’s just polite.

Hunters who MD after the pull, are awesome.  So are rogues who pop Tricks.

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