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Getting Started, Two-Man Style

March 23, 2010

When you’re going to solo your way through World of Warcraft, your only consideration in making a character is, “What do I want to play?”

It’s a little more complicated when you’re planning to level characters in tandem with a friend or significant other.  Getting started on the right foot will help you both to better enjoy your time in Azeroth.  Start on the wrong foot, and you’ll be in for some frustration.


1. Which faction do you want to play?

You’re going to find yourselves at an impasse if you can’t agree on a faction, because:

Orc + Human = ?!

Maybe you want to stick with the same faction, eh?

If she’s just dead set on playing a Blood Elf, and you really wanted to try your hand at a Draenei, may I suggest that you each roll both races and tandem-level two sets of characters?

2. What role do you want to play?

The three basic roles are DPS, Tank and Healer.  The DPS brings the pain.  The Tank absorbs the pain.  The Healer fixes the pain.  I suggest that if you’re both new to World of Warcraft, you might both want to try DPS first.  Damage dealers aren’t necessarily, “easy mode,” but they tend to be more forgiving classes/talent builds than the other two.  There are four, “pure,” DPS classes (classes that don’t have a viable tanking or healing talent build): hunter, rogue, warlock and mage.  Hunters and warlocks get combat pets that are useful in keeping the mobs from hitting your character while you stand back and hit it with ranged attacks.  All classes have at least one DPS build, so if you think you may want some flexibility when you get to higher levels, you may want to choose one of the other classes.

If you’ve played WoW for a bit, you may even know what class you wanted to play.  When we decided to start two-manning the game, I knew before we even decided which faction that I wanted to be a druid.  I just needed Garnam to answer the next question so I’d know which race my druid was going to be.

3. Which race do you want to be?

If you’re both new to World of Warcraft… There are some race combinations within the same faction that will be more difficult to bring together at level 1 than others.  Anytime you choose to play the same race, you’ll start in the same area.  Each faction also has one pair of races that share a starting zone.  For the horde, it’s the trolls and the orcs.  For the alliance, it’s the dwarves and the gnomes.  Also, each continent has two starting areas for each faction, which makes moving between those starting areas easier.  All in all, they’ve made connecting level 1 characters much easier across continents through boats that sail between Stormwind and Auberdine, and zepplins that sail between Undercity and Orgrimmar.

Leveling 1-15~

There are quest and leveling guides all over the internet, as well as add-ons that help you find quest objectives, so I’m not going to say anything about how to get to your first dungeon.  I do have some thoughts on what you do along the way.  Set your play pattern and figure out the rules.  No, I don’t mean the EULA or ToS.  I mean, who’s going to cook dinner, who’s going to do the dishes, and how you’re going to set your schedule.

Garnam and I have one rule: no active XP gain alone if you can help it.  We get home, take care of dinner and chores, then we log in.  Either of us can call a break for the day or night if we don’t want to play or if we want to play a different character.  That doesn’t mean that the other player’s character is off-limits, they just do other things like profession leveling or goofing off.  Garnam owes his high levels of fishing skill to me wanting to play my death knight for a few hours.

Whatever your rules are, make sure you both understand them and agree to them.

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