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Shared Topic: That first WOW Moment

March 22, 2010

Elsen over on Blog Azeroth asked about that first sense of wonderment we experienced when playing WoW.  For me, the answer comes in two parts.

Part 1

I came to WoW from a text MUD called DragonRealms (same production company as the Gemstone series, if any old AOL-users remember either game).  We used to laugh at the newbies who logged in and asked where the graphics were.  “Go play World of Warcrack,” we’d sneer.  In text.  With emotes.

Then one day my husband brought home a box of vanilla (WoW, not the ice cream).   He got me hooked.  A week later I’m cruisin’ along on my level 15 hunter, oblivious to the world (…of Warcraft) outside of Teldrassil, when I get asked to take a parcel to the flightmaster.  I finally found him, and he told me to talk to him again when I was ready.  “No time like the present,” I shrugged.  Clickity-clickity…




I’m flying!  I’m really – I mean – Kerrella’s really flying!  At that moment I knew that my final DragonRealms login was looming.

That was my first WOW moment in WoW.

Part 2

I have plenty of alts – scraps of character ideas that I got bored with or didn’t get anywhere.  Dozens in their teens, 4 in their 20s, another druid that’s in her mid-thirties (and 2 DKs that I just got out of the starting area).  That period between 12 and 30 is just not my cup of tea.  I run out of gas in that range.  When Garnam and Talfrund hit Redridge, I honestly wasn’t sure that I had enough enthusiasm to keep leveling Talfrund.  Then we came to our final Redridge quest – Wanted: Gath’llzogg.  Gath’llzogg is a level 26 elite with two adds and a spawn, as I recall.  No one in responded in General chat when we asked if anyone wanted to group for it, so we decided to try to two-man it.

It was our first tough fight and my first test as a healer.  I had three spells in my arsenal, and I blew through all of my mana keeping Garnam alive.  With Gathy’s head(s) securely in our bags, my husband and I exhaled and slumped back in our chairs in unison.  Then we grinned.  We weren’t supposed to survive that fight, but we did.  It was at that moment that we began to understand the true power of the relationship between tank and healer.

Since that day:

  1. We have ignored how many people are needed for (group) quests.
  2. We have two-manned dungeons that were only a few levels below us.
  3. Garnam doesn’t even look at his health bar unless Talfrund is dead or I tell him to drink a potion.
  4. I have loudly encouraged Garnam to dance with 5+ mobs at once.  “Come on!  Give me a challenge!  Are you a Dwarf or a Blood Elf sissy-boy?!”

And those are the stories of my two big WOW moments in WoW.  My World of Awecraft, if you will.


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