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Newb Discoveries

March 22, 2010

Some Days You’re the One /Facepalming

The LFD tool is an unending supply of fun for the newb watchers.  Friday, Garnam and I decided to cross Sethekk Halls off of our Outland Dungeon Master list via the LFD tool.  We got a group who was already one boss down (and minus their healer and tank?  That doesn’t bode well…).  I don’t remember who the first two DPS were, but the third one was, “Whacky Shaman.”  No, not, “Wacky.”  “Whacky.”  That’s what he did, whack everything with his big hammer.  I don’t remember seeing him throw any spells, but he must have – his mana bar was perpetually dry.

And totems?  What totems?  I saw his totems three times, and in all three cases, he ran up to the target, dropped his totems, and proceeded to whack-away.  I’d actually prefer that he’d not dropped them at all if he was going to put them there.  It puts my caster instincts in conflict.  On the one hand, I need to be sure to stay far enough away from the Bad Thing that I have to pull a full 30% more threat to pull aggro off of the tank.  On the other hand, that mana stream totem with its delicious fountain of blue-bar refilling goodness is almost too tempting to stay away!

It makes self-positioning a pain in the butt.

We ended up wiping on trash after a pull that went bad.  Sometimes, it’s just out of my hands whether a toon lives or dies.  It’s frustrating, but true.  Whether it’s the player’s mistake (standing in The Bad) or just a string of extraordinarily bad luck, it happens.  I’ve learned to accept that I can’t heal through everything.  I may have to spend more time on that subject later.

Anyhow, Whacky Shaman quit the group in the middle of a big trash pull.  I think I know why they needed a new healer and tank after the first boss.

Some Days You’re the Newb

Rare is the moment where I consider myself a newb.  I’m a pretty good healer 99% of the time.  I have my bad moments when I hit Healing Touch instead of Swiftmend, but on the whole, I know what I’m doing.

Saturday, we decided to run Shadow Labyrinth.  Neither of us has ever done this dungeon before.  Now I know why people spit the name.

We drew a first-rate mage.  He buffs without question.  He drops a refreshment table.  He manages his aggro.  We drew a good boomkin.  He pulled aggro a lot, but never did anything really annoying.

We also drew that Death Knight.  We all know this one.  Death Grips the wrong mob.  Instead of waiting for the tank to pull the caster mob around the corner, he runs up and starts hitting it before the tank really has solid aggro, forcing the party to fight a fear-casting mob in the same room with twenty other fear-casting mobs.

The nice mage ended up losing the threat-roulette that resulted.  His health dropped too fast for my HoTs.  My Swiftmend was on cooldown from saving the boomkin.  I hit Nature’s Swiftness…

Now, I use VuhDo.  Shift-right click is Healing Touch in my set up, but I hit it just a fraction of a second too late.  VuhDo is a smart interface.  Any click at all on a dead toon will try to fix the situation.  My newb moment?  I never realized that Nature’s Swiftness worked on Rebirth (the Druid battle-res).  The instant resurrection saved the fight.

I remembered it three bosses later when Murmur got the best of the boomkin.   Again, saved the fight.  Go insta-res!

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