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LFD: A Level Perspective

March 16, 2010

In one of my early posts I complained of a lack of DPS at low levels.  Shortly after I wrote it, patch 3.2 with its dungeon finder tool was announced, tested and released with much fanfare and rejoicing (at least at my house).  Most of the problems I was experiencing in finding a 5-man dissipated under the withering gaze of the reptilian LFD eyeball tool.  I don’t think many people will argue that the LFD tool is an improvement to the game at all levels.

My unguilded hunter has at least seen the inside of Ice Crown Citadel.  Talfrund and Garnam completed the Classic Dungeonmaster achievement a while ago.  They’re well on their way to Outland Dungeonmaster, and it’s all thanks to the LFD tool.  I don’t have any complaints, but I do have some suggestions.

Party and Queue Mechanics

Disconnected players should be bootable.  Always.  Last night we got a good random group together and we wanted to queue-up again.  While waiting for the third DPS, the mage had to leave to go visit his grandparents.  Our group got kicked out of the queue.  When I tried to re-queue, I got an error that one of our group was currently disconnected.  When I tried to boot him, I got another error.  All of us got that error.  We had to disband to solve the problem.  This isn’t the first time we’ve had issues with D/Ced party members preventing the group from doing something and being unbootable.

Cross-server friending is coming soon, so I won’t say anything other than, “hurry!”

A tool that would let me know how many times another player has completed this dungeon, even on another toon.

An option to define what kind of dungeon run you want.  Make it like the smoking/non-smoking restaurant options.  Do you want an achievement run, no achievements, or first available?  Do you want to stop for skinning/mining/herbalism, no stopping, or first available?  Do you have quests, no quests…  You get the idea.

I’d also like an achievement for PUGging through sub-heroic level 80 dungeons.  It’s not a game-breaker, though.

Dungeon Levels

Back in the day (about four months ago, actually) Talfrund and Garnam were in their mid-twenties and ready to run Black Fathom Deeps.  We got a group together, ran to the meeting stone, and…  We were too high a level to use the stone.  The level restriction has been removed from using the summoning stone, but a similar restriction is effectively applied by the LFD tool.  Even though your (dungeon) quests are still green, the dungeon may fall off your list of available choices before you’re ready to run it.  You’ve got two options: turn off your XP gain (expensive at low levels) or get ten to fifteen levels on every mob in the dungeon and try to solo or two-man it.

Can we redefine each dungeon’s level to reflect the quests that are tied to it?

The other problem with the dungeon levels and the LFD tool doesn’t become evident until you hit 58, and if you just want to random your way through the game you may never notice it.  If you’re working on achievements like Loremaster or Dungeon Master, you’re going to experience the joy of queueing up for Dire Maul or Stratholme where even tanks have a 20-30 minute wait.  The problem is that once you hit 58, your only random dungeon options are Burning Crusade dungeons.  You’ll never be randomly dropped into a Classic dungeon again.  This greatly diminishes the number of people available for the LFD tool to put in a Stratholme group.  The pool is limited to levels 55-57, and the 58+ folks who specifically requested it.  So, if you find yourself in Strat, or Dire Maul, with a 59 or a 62, they’re there because they actually want to be there.

This problem repeats itself at level 68 when the only random dungeons available are random BC heroics (which you may or may not be attuned for) and random Lich King regular.  If you want to run any of the old high-level 5-mans on normal, be prepared to wait.  Even with a tank in the group, I had time to do housework, catch-up on my druid blogs, check my email, all while waiting for a group for Black Morass.

I’d like to desegregate the regular dungeons.  Lump them all together (keep heroics separate).  If you’re in the level range of any particular dungeon, you have a chance of getting it from the LFD tool.

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