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Are Loremasters Really That Uncommon?

November 29, 2009

So yesterday, Garnam and I were questing in Hillsbrad Foothills, working through the Murloc and Naga questlines from Southshore.  Yes, we were both level 44 and both the quest and the mobs were grey for us.  Why, oh why, does anyone feel the need to whisper me with asinine comments?  I shouldn’t be surprised.  I took my level 68 hunter into Duskwood for Stormwind reputation and twice got whispers from angry people wanting to know why I was killing their mobs.  Um, because I’M ON THE SAME FREAKIN’ QUEST?  Not everyone is after a meteoric rise to 80.  Some of us have already been there and are looking for new ways to play the same game (hence the challenge of leveling this druid to 80 with the Resto spec).

The whisper even started off with attitude: What are two level 44s doing killing level 34 murlocs?

My response: To finish the quest.

The comeback: Hahaha.  Wouldn’t it be faster to do higher level quests?

The shut-er-upper: Not if we want the Loremaster title, and we do.

We proceeded to ride our level 40+ swift mounts as far north as we could find the murlocs, and carve a bloody path south along the shoreline, and left all the ones by Southshore for him.  Honestly, if we wanted to be jerks, we’d park our Eleks on top of the quest givers or something, rather than making a point of going around the murlocs we didn’t need so that we didn’t kill more than we had to.

Today could have been a much better day, if the drop rate for black drake hearts was better than .5%.  At least we got some practice killing at-level elites in Badlands.  I think our next instance is going to be Uldaman.


Level: 46

Ambassador of the Alliance: 4/5 (yay, Exodar!  Less than 1700 Gnomeregan to go!)

Loremaster of the Eastern Kingdom: 472/700

Loremaster of Kalimdor: 361/700

Leading the Cavalry: 26/50

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