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Four Days, Three Levels

November 16, 2009

Had you asked me on Friday what level Talfrund would be today, I’d have said, “Forty, no problem.”  Well, he’s still 38 today, and he started the day yesterday at 35, and I don’t feel disappointed.  Why?  We finished the Wetlands, Stonetalon Peaks, The Barrens and the Arathi Highlands.

By finished, I mean that every quest that we could pick up in those zones is done, for now.  We (Garnam’s player and I) fully expect we’ll have to revisit those zones later as we know there were several quests that weren’t available to us during our visit.  We also picked up the exploration achievements for the Wetlands, Stonetalon and The Barrens (always fun for lowbie Alliance in horde territory) and two dungeon achievements (no wonder I never finished Wailing Caverns on my hunter – not sure I’ll go for that one again unless I’m grouped with someone who knows the layout well).

We’ve started Desolace -and neither of us is looking forward to Maraudon.  We’ve both been there once (me as an 80 hunter).  We figure we’ll have to set a Saturday aside for that one.

Current zone: Thousand Needles

Level: 38

-The Player

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