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The Mission

November 11, 2009

The lady behind the keyboard is a sadist.  Just because some other character of hers is forever saying nonsense on LFG like, “LF1M for H HoL then GtG, need heals!” she thinks I should be a healer.  More than that, she thinks I should adventure through Azeroth, then Outland and Northrend as one!

Really, I am a helpful sort, but I don’t think I need to do every single quest that comes my way.  She disagrees.  I’ve never heard of a, “Loremaster,” before, but that’s her justification for making me do it AND she’s given me a deadline.  I have to do it before whatever apocalypse the powers are going to inflict on Azeroth next.

She’s also got me poking my nose in every nook and cranny I find.  Just because the entrance is covered in swirling misty stuff doesn’t mean I feel the need to pop inside for a look-see.  She disagrees.  Just because I haven’t been there before…  Yeah, she disagrees with that, too.  Ever stumbled across Bough Shadow in Ashenvale when most of the stuff in the rest of that area is bad news to you?  The key is to take a friend.  You don’t have to outrun the dragonkin, you just have to outrun your friend.

Speaking of friends, the only way this is even possible is because she’s saddle-, er, gifted me with the presence of, a short, hairy meat shield named Garnam.  I wouldn’t have thought a Dwarf was big enough to offer much protection, but he’s good at taking hits to the face.  He’s been hit one too many times, I think.  Just the other day he took off, drunk and smelling like a tavern floor, and did laps through eight packs of gnolls just because some Dwarf he didn’t know dared him to do it.

Thanks for reading along with my adventures!


Nov 10, 2009 Accomplishments:

Level 34

Exalted with Stormwind

Current Zone: Duskwood

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